Types Of Fruit Machine Games

fruit slots

There are several different types of fruit machine games, available both online and in pubs and casinos, and as they become more popular, Casino sites where you can play them has tripled over the years.

People now have the chance to win money, and lots of it, by playing slots online, and with all the great games out there it is easy to find something for everyone.

  • Standard Slots
    First you have the standard type of slots, which typically only have one pay-line. These machines are not hard to understand or complicated to use, and are great for those people who are just putting their foot into the world of slots and fruit machines. There are also more advanced standard slots that can offer multipliers and multitudes of pay-lines.
  • Progressive Slots
    A more advanced slot is the progressive slot. The potential winnings when you hit the jackpot can be enormous – one spin can change your life. These mega-jackpots build over time, taking a small percentage of every bet that the casino wins. In big online casinos, the jackpot can easily reach one million dollars within a day or even in a matter of hours. These slots normally have multiple pay lines and bonus games.
  • Bonus Slots
    Bonus slots are interesting hybrid games. They offer players a large variety of mini-games within the main slots game, and with multiple chances to win money. You can play these mini bonuses by getting certain symbols together in the main reel and the great thing is that when you play the mini bonuses, you do not have to spend any money.
  • Video Fruit Slots
    Video Fruit Slots are perhaps the best in emulating how the actual physical fruit slots that you find in pubs and land-based casinos look and operate. These can be played online or by downloading the application – the fruit machine emulator. Betting on Video Fruit Slots is totally straightforward, just like with the other slots games. All of these slots can be played using real money or just for fun.

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