7 Little Known Facts About Poker

For anyone who is familiar with what an online casino is then you are most likely familiar with the internet poker. Many people believe that poker is just a game where players can either win or lose a bunch of capital. The truth is that there are plenty of little known facts about this casino game which you could obtain rather just fascinating.

1. The very initial online poker space opened in 1998. Its name was Planet Poker. Because then on the internet casinos around the globe see combined total income of over 1 trillion dollars per year, in 2011. A number which is certain to grow as time goes on. And, if the United States makes on-line gambling legal this number will grow exponentially.

2. The modern day Globe Series of Poker originated from a two-person poker match among Nicholas Andreas “Nick the Greek” Dandolos and Johnny Moss between January 1951 and May 1951. Set-up as a tourist attraction, the two played almost every single variation of poker in existence. Both had been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979.

3. Have you ever felt that you’ve held every achievable hand of poker? Subsequent times you feel that way don’t forget this reality. There’s a total of 2,598,960 doable poker hands having a regular deck of 52 cards.

4. Receiving dealt 10,2 is known as Doyle Brunson simply because he won back to back Globe Series with the hand.

5. You can find approximately 80 million poker players inside the United States alone. The majority of these players, over half of them actually, play poker on the net. In reality, at any point throughout peak times in the day you’ll find more than 1 million people today playing poker in the same time.

6. Former President Richard Nixon won $6,000 playing poker in his initially two months in the U.S. Navy in the course of WWll. That is roughly equal to $42,640 in 2004 dollars. He used that dollars too as much more poker winnings to finance his run for the U.S. Congress in 1946, which he won.

7. Contrary to contemporary day poker, in early century poker the kings had been generally the highest card in their suit and also the ace was the lowest.

Isn’t it nicer to know these facts about the game of Poker? So the next time you’ll play why not fascinate your fellow players with some trivia about poker.


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